Acta Anthropologica Sinica ›› 1983, Vol. 2 ›› Issue (03): 260-271.

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Physical characters of Zhuang nationality in Guangxi

Zhang Zhenbiao, Zhang Jianjun   

  • Online:1983-09-15 Published:1983-09-15

Abstract: A somatological survey on 245 males and 61 females of Zhuang nationality living in Guangxi was carried out by the authors in January, 1980.
The results of the studies are summarized as follows:
The physical characters of Zhuang nationality
The hair is straight in form and black in color in most cases. The form of the head belongs to short-wide type and cephalic index mostly belongs to Brachycephaly.
Brown eye color is commonly represented in both sexes. There are not Mongolian folds in most cases. Double eye-lids are observed in high percentage. The palpebral opening is o£ the wide type and its direction is of horizontal type.
The profile view of the nasal bridge is mainly of wavy type. The nasal index belongs to Mesorrhiny. The facial form in most cases is of ovoid type. According to the component classification of the morphological facial height and facial breadth, most of them belong to low-wide type. The morphological facial index belongs to Euryprosopy.
The relationship between Zhuang and other nationalities
In comparison with other minority nationalities in "Rm" value, Zhuang nationality is closer to Li, Buyi and Yi nationalities. As to the relationship with Han nationality living in different provinces, Zhuang nationality is by "Rm" value, closer to Han nationality living in Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian and Hunan provinces. Zhuang nationality is basically similar to the other inhabitances living in South China in physical1 characters.
Zhuang nationality is different 任om Han living in Guangxi mainly in the fact that they have lower morphological facial height, lower height of nose and that of head.
According to these analyses we consider that Zhuang nationality belongs to South China pattern in physical characters, like other inhabitances living in South China, and may originate from a common ancestor.

Key words: Somatoscopy; Anthropometry; Zhuang nationality; Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region