Acta Anthropologica Sinica ›› 1985, Vol. 4 ›› Issue (03): 250-258.

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The physical characters of Zang (Tibetan) Nationality

Zhang Zhenbiao   

  • Online:1985-09-15 Published:1985-09-15

Abstract: A somatological survey on 105 males and 40 females of Zang nationality living in Xizang was carried out by the author in July, 1980.
Judging from all nonmetrie data from more than 100 males and females, the features of Zang nationality are obviously similar to those of Mongoloid. In addition, all the means of measurements in Zang nationality fall within the range of the variations of those of other minorities living in China, and also fall within the range of Han nationality except the least frontal breadth (see table 6) . It is probable that Zang nationality belongs to the physical type of modern Chinese.
In view of the cluster graph of kinship matrix for 11 groups of other minorities, Dy values and Cq2 values, the physicel characters of Zang nationality are basically similar to those of the minorities and Han nationality living in the priovinces of northwest and north China.
The author believes that Zang nationality originally evolved from the ancient inhabitants during Neolithic period in Xizang region and later gradually formed the modern appearance by mixing with the ancient inhabitants migrated from the north and northwest region of China.

Key words: Somatoscopy; Anthropometry; Zang nationality