Acta Anthropologica Sinica ›› 2020, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (04): 586-598.doi: 10.16359/j.cnki.cn11-1963/q.2020.0050

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Paleopathological study on the skeleton with cranial lesion from the Shiyanzi Cemetery in Ningxia

ZHANG Qun1,2(), WANG Xiaoyang3, YEH Huiyuan2, ZHANG Quanchao4   

  1. 1. Research Center for Chinese Frontier Archaeology, Jilin University, Changchun 130012
    2. School of Humanities, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 639818
    3. Ningxia Provincial Institute for Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Yinchuan 750001
    4. School of Archaeology, Jilin University, Changchun 130012
  • Received:2020-07-24 Revised:2020-08-27 Online:2020-11-15 Published:2020-11-04


This study reports a paleopathological differential diagnosis on the skeleton from Shiyanzi Cemetery site of Han Dynasty(2040 BP) in Ningxia. This specimen shows bone lesion on most part of the calvarium. Margins of lesion demonstrate scalloped borders with osteoblastic marginal uplift. The irregular and inward to outward-like beveled margins shows a possible neoplasm from the inside out. The combination of macroscopic observation and CT scanning provides more comprehensive information about ancient human disease and improves the credibility of diagnosis. According to the previous clinical reports, based on the morphology, distribution of the lesion, this individual may suffered from a severe metastatic carcinoma.

Key words: Metastatic carcinoma, Cranial lesion, CT, Shiyanzi Cemetery, Han Dynasty

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